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LUMC Dog Park Now Open!

Free and open to all, this dog park at Livingston Church is our gift to the German Village and southside communities. We’re all about fostering community and loving our neighbors, and we hope that this space helps build connections and pawesome new friendships – among humans and canines alike!

The LUMC Dog Park has two play areas - one for larger dogs and one for smaller. 

Doggy Sunday School

Your dog can stay and play under the care of our trusted members while you enjoy Sunday worship; or, stay outside and enjoy the park. We will have toys and treats.

Doggy Sunday School starts back up on the first Sunday in May!

Dates are subject to change due to severe weather.

Dog Park Rules

  • Have fun!!

  • Please keep your dog from jumping on other dogs or people.

  • Pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it in the receptacle provided.

  • Do not allow your dogs to be aggressive towards people or other dogs.

  • Remember to keep your dog on a leash until you enter the park area.

  • Remember that off-leash does not mean out of control.

  • Park is not responsible for injury or damage; enjoy at your own risk.

In an emergency, please call 911
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