The organ rebuilding project began last June and was completed this Fall. A big THANK YOU to Bunn=Minnick Pipe Organs for their work to ensure our organ sounds as good as it did in 1894. Click here for Livingston’s organ specifications.

We are honored to have Christopher Warner as Livingston’s organist.


Christopher is a native of Defiance, Ohio and received a B.A. in Church Music in 2001 from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. He began his church music ministry in October of 1998 and has held various positions of Organist, Choir Director, Choirmaster and Organist, and Music Director and Organist at churches in the Central Ohio region. A highlight of Chris’ journey was the opportunity to be the organist for a European tour to Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany, while on a Choral and Mission Trip as a member of Collegians Choral, Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

Chris’ past organ teachers were Dr. Stephen Self, Dr. David Tovey, Mr. Timothy Edward Smith, Mr. G. Dene Barnard, and Dr. John Schuder (Minister of Music, St. John’s Evangelical. Lutheran Church, Grove City, Ohio).

Chris also is responsible for keeping the Columbus AGO’s Facebook page up to date and was most recently elected to a three year term to the Columbus AGO’s Executive Committee, commencing this May.

Chris believes that music should reach into someone’s soul and allow for the moving of the Holy Spirit to touch the heart of the listener. Music has the ability to emotionally affect the listener in a very powerful and moving way.


The below link contains a letter of thanks from the 1983 Organ Task Force. It includes a graphic representation of one of the exposed decorative pipes in the original organ installed in 1894.

Letter of Thanks